Services We Offer


At NLS Services Limited we provide a range of safe and hygienic healthcare solutions for professional care facilities.

We provide total service management for our customers including;

* Free product delivery and installation by qualified service personnel

* Complete product maintainance

* Flexible Service arrangement to suit your needs

* Emergency calls out. NLS Services Limited is the only service provider to operate a 24 hour helpline, 7 days a week.

Hospitals and Clinics oblige waste producers to ensure that their clinical waste is managed with care and concern for the environment.

By choosing NLS you can be sure that your clinical waste is dealt with appropriately from collection through disposal. "From Cradle to Grave"

The NLS swabs and dressings disposal service is specifically designed of group A clinical waste. Group A waste is any material that costitutes wholly or partly of human tissue, blood or other bodily fluids

including swabs and dressings.

* All NLS waste transfer stations are licence and fully compliant with waste management regulations

* Pedal operated, fluid and solvent resistant to protect you and your stuff

* Impact resistant ABS plastic, drop tested to ensure robustness.

NLS provides a specialist sharps disposal service to allow you to safely dispose of all medical sharps including hypodermic syringes and scalpels. We offer a range of complaint sharps diposal containers tailored to meet all requirements and levels of usage.

* All Sharps containers are puncture, impact, fluid and solvent resistant thereby offering complete protection for users

* Wall mounting buckets available for added safety and security

NLS WASTE SERVICES provides buckets for sanitary disposal

NLS WASTE SERVICES has, a Sanitary Disposal Unit that puts other units in the shade and is the most hygienic unit in the marketplace.

It features the following:

* Low profile design - sits below the level of the WC seat

* SteriTouch antibacterial protection - It is the only sanitary diposal unit to incorporate an antibacterial addictive

* The only germicide to match to Uganda Standards.

* Pedal location and wide, side opening flap designed for ease of use

* Internal masking flaps to conceal contents

* Unit easily located either side of the WC

* Eclipse Auto unit is the ultimate 'no touch' unit, desinged to meet the needs of diabled users

* Smooth finish with Braille

* Available in a wide selection of finishes, all with auto option

This service helps you dispose of sanitary waste in an environmentally concious way without pollution. It can save you money by helping to avoid the expensive problem of blocked plumbing whilst also helping your staff, as they do not need to handle waste themselves.

* All NLS waste transfer stations are licenced and fully compliant with waste management regulations

* Wide disposal aperture and hygiene masking tray to accomodate all types of sanitary dressing.

* Smooth finish with Braille

NLS WASTE SERVICES not only brings you the best and most original products, but is also commited to ongoing improvements in the service standards. Using our experince and listening to the needs of our customers, we shall constantly be developing new services to help you improve your premises. And these will help maintain a clean and hygienic washroom for your staff, visitors and customers.


At NLS Services Limited , we offer cleaning services that are customised according to the needs of our clients in an

economical way within the stipulated time to ensure continuity

Janitor Services

NLS Cleanin Services has been providing value added and expert Janitor Services.

Mentioned Below are some of the industries where we provide Janitor Services.

* Offices/Office Buildings

* Theaters, Schools

* Medical Groups

* Banks

* Financial Institutions

* Reatail Stores

* Religious Institutions

* Restaurants

* Factories/Industrial Buildings

* Sports Facilities, Institutional Facilities, Government Facilities, Hotels, Transportation Companies,

* Airports, Casinos, Country Clubs ... etc

NLS also provides overnight Janitor Services for Public Spaces, Public Restrooms, Full Service Kitchen Cleaning, Restaurant and Bars, Fitness Centers, Carpet Care, Spas, Window Cleaning, Guest Room Deep Cleaning.

Our Customers Come First

We always believe that our customers and their satisfaction is our prime responsibility. To make our customers work easy and smooth we provide them timely Smart Cleaning tools on budget